I had absolutely the best year with my hair this year, it grew so fast every time I cut it. I styled it in so many different ways, and I played a lot with bangs !

yet it is time for some change and letting go, lately I feel super attached to my long hair and since it something that grows back why keeping it boring?

I have been searching for a haircut for over a week , and the winner is…ImageImage


New Week

So, the weekend is over, I am so very thankful.

I didn’t go to The Hunger Games movie because my friend decided she wants to go with her husband, and I am not really flexible with movie partners. 

I didn’t go to shadowland because I heard so many negative reviews about the seating and the quality of the effects.

A complicated roller coaster took place with a complicated relation.

and all of the sudden, the weekend is over !

yet I am glad that my sore muscles feel much better and I got to workout last night, I ate grilled food to cut down on the junk and I slept early ! 

I have some an exciting plan today , I hope it works out ^_^

hope everyone had a pleasant weekend.

Fun Facts ! maybe not..

2012-09-04 02.37.23-1

Here are a few facts about me.. maybe the most important things you need to know:

1- I am 25 years old, I was born in July, and I am a Leo

2- I can’t drive, and still trying to learn..

3- I am a smart kid, and currently work in scientific research

4- I love sweets, but just like every other girl on the planet, I am always trying to be on a balanced diet !

Where do I come from?

I am the daughter of a Syrian mother .. and a Kuwaiti father who is also half Syrian. You would probably think that hybrids are culturally rich.. yet being away from both sides of my family and knowing so little about them, I find myself lacking any deep traditional prospective. Kuwait indulges my soul , the rich heritage of the sea and Syria satisfy my passion to nature and the green lands. My true belonging is always to my beloved Kuwait, and I am proud to belong to this land. Imageuwai

More about me

it adds a little excitement to your life when people are trying to figure you out. I often find it hard to communicate with my coworkers .. I only have two best female friends since I was 5 years old. Despite the diversified life style I lived.. some things in life still surprise me Image